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Today, people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. In contrast to the diseases that were most often the causes of illness and death in the early 1900’s, the most common causes of death and illness today are strongly related to the behaviors in which a person chooses to engage. Unhealthy behaviors, from smoking cigarettes and poor diet, to sedentary lifestyle and poor coping skills, are all major contributors to death and illness. Fortunately, we can learn ways to control negative thoughts and behaviors in which we choose to engage. By learning specific skills, we can make positive, healthy changes in our lives.

The Health Psychology Network is designed to provide through, user friendly information that can help people learn ways to improve their physical and emotional health. Each area of The Health Psychology Network has been written by experts in their respective fields. Each section includes information about a particular disorder, common symptoms, and treatments that have been shown to be effective through clinical research.